This Divination method originated in early North African and Islamic indigenous traditions, and was used as a way of gaining wisdom from the elements and earth.

It later emerged in renaissance Europe, where the current system was developed.

There are 16 binary patterns or figures consisting of single or double dots, called "Glyphs". Their configuration reveal favourable or unfavourable states in connection with the 4 basic elements of:


The 4 main elements are represented and laid out on 4 levels, covering the Human,Mental and Physical domains. Many levels of insight can be derived from your Geomantic chart.  

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Radiesthesia is a term that was taken from the French in the early part of the last century for the study and perception of radiations and energies in and of the human body and greater consciousness. 

Practitioners more commonly recognise this process as the art of (Dowsing) by Rods and Pendulums.

My particular application of this art encompasses Charts and Meditations.

Cosmologists have described Dowsing as a method of linking to what scientists now describe as the Quantum Field that connects each and everyone of us, with the cosmos as a whole and universal knowledge.


When you have an intuitive hunch or gut feeling, it is this process that is enacted. It is a way of gaining information which lies beyond the limitations of our rational minds.





The I Ching is an ancient Divination system from the East. ​

It has been used for thousands of years by leaders, warriors,kings,merchants,farmers and everyday people to guide them in their decisions, with its wisdom and perspective. It stems from the Taoist form of philosophical thought.


There are 64; six line patterns, known as Hexagrams in this system. The 64 patterns embody active (Yang) and passive (Yin) energies in nature as they seek to transform, since nature is always in a continuous movement towards change.

Consulting the Oracle allows you to examine what nature and energies are active at the time of your reading and what it can reveal about your human journey.

Each Hexagram is an energy matrix, portraying the evolutionary principle active in you at this time, revealing its wisdom, to allow you to pursue the potential growth in your current situation,inquiry or question.  

Clinical Dowsing :

(Radiathesic Scan)

The I Ching :

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