Self awareness,Insight and Personal Growth are the aims and aspirations for your personalised reading.

Clients have the free will to direct their lives and make their own decisions.​ 

Direct or indirect actions taken by you subsequent to the reading are your full responsibility in all situations.

The consultation does however aim to teach you a "New Knowing", that can lead you to an enhanced perspective and self knowledge. 

​This work is not a substitute for clinical interventions, diagnosis or professional medical help and is not to be considered to form any kind of professional advisory relationship.


In any case of you presenting with a mental health condition, or a physical condition requiring diagnosis and orthodox medical interventions, then you will be advised to seek the help of an appropriate health professional.



The Divination's used for your reading were not consulted for prediction or fortune telling. These kind of aspirations can never be given guarantees.

​Rather they provide perspective,wisdom and guidance for a situation you are inquiring about and how it might develop.​Sometimes its deeper meaning becomes clear after some time.

​However if you don't feel that any wisdom,insight or guidance has been conveyed to you by the methods I have used for your readings, then I will gladly return your money,with respect and goodwill, within 30 days of you receiving your readings.